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Twin Charm is a double tech used by Marle and Ayla in Chrono Trigger. It's learned once both characters learn Allure and Charm respectively. The two combine their feminine wiles to increase the success rate of Ayla's ordinary Charm tech.

It is the same as its single tech version, except that Twin Charm has a higher chance to succeed when stealing an item from an enemy, although it also fails sometimes. However, this tech can also be enhanced when Ayla is equipped with the Alluring Top, having increased success when stealing items, making it much easier when the player tries to steal very valuable items from enemies.


When cast, the two assume their usual tech stances and several pink hearts circle the screen before entering an enemy. If successful, a white box wrapped in red ribbon is thrown into Ayla's hands and the screen displays which item was looted. If unsuccessful, a wrapped box goes to Ayla's hands and the screen says it was the thought that counted.


Twin Charm implies that two party members combine their skills to successfully steal from an opponent. Oddly enough, Ayla and Marle are distantly related, which may add a double meaning to the word Twin.


  1. While Twin Charm is listed as Ayla and Marle's first Double Tech, it's pretty much the last Double Tech to be learned by both, since Charm is learned after Boulder Toss. This means that Ice Toss is pretty much the first Double Tech learned by Ayla and Marle, while Iceberg Toss is the second Double Tech, despite both being listed as the second and third learned Double Techs respectively.


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