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Una is a character in Chrono Cross. One of Leena's many brothers, he is a citizen of Arni. He is the son of a fisher-woman and a warrior. His family has close ties with Serge's family as Miguel, his father, is good friends with Wazuki and his sister is romantically tied to Serge.

Often, he is found wandering Arni Village, carrying a large sack of unknown contents.



Una wears a yellow tunic, held up by a belt and a strap that covers his left shoulder. On his feet, he wears bandages, similar to the Poet. Of all his family members, he resembles Miguel his father the most. With brown eyes, he also has brown hair that he wears in two short ponytails on both sides of his head. There is a child NPC at Dario's orphanage who shares his model.



After being woken up by Marge, Serge speaks briefly with Una who congratulates Serge on his bravery for "blowing off" Leena. Jokingly, Una asks Serge to "break her in" (referring to Leena) as he thinks she is too rigid with how she cares for her siblings.



Una is of Irish origin and means "lamb". Also, Una is a character from an incomplete epic poem called The Faerie Queene. In the poem, Una accompanies the Redcross Knight on a quest to save her parents and people from a dragon. Though in Chrono Cross he does not accompany Serge as a playable character, his parents are 'saved' through him, as Miguel is released from his position at the Dead Sea and allowed to die. The name is also the female variant of the Spanish word for "one". Although appearing rather feminine, Una's gender is confirmed to be male when his caption, 弱気な少年, translated to "shy young boy."


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