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Poshul unleashed.png
Poshul uses Unleashed in battle.
Type Physical
Color Yellow
Allocation Level 7±7
Target Single Target
User Poshul
Description Unlock dog collar to unleash pooch power!

Unleashed is Poshul's seventh level Yellow tech in Chrono Cross. After Serge reenters his original body, escort Poshul to Leena in Home World and she will teach it to Poshul. Interestingly enough, Poshul is Leena's dog, so "unleashing" her, may be Leena's way of setting her free or allowing her to decide her own fate.


Hopping up on her hind-legs, Poshul does a little jig and jumps into the air. While suspended there, she removes the padlock from her dog collar, causing the collar to shatter. Now freed, she bellyflops on the target's head in a fountain of yellow light. After the collar bursts, one can see the dark indentation it has left around her neck, which has caused her pink fur to discolor.

Name Origin[]

Unleashed is a double-entendre both for the fact that Poshul unleashes an attack against a target and for the fact that dog's wear leashes; to remove that leash would be considered "unleashing".

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