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"Mom...!? Is that you I see, Mom!? No, you aren't her! You're just showing me what you think I want to see!"
— Van

Van (バンクリフ Bankurifu?) is the practical-minded son of the artist Gogh in Chrono Cross.




Van is known for his sarcastic behavior and develops his self-awareness in making a good income such as earning money. Upon learning that Serge was searching for the Frozen Flame, Van maintains his sarcastic behavior but decides to join with him as his guide which allows his father Gogh to gave him a boomerang as a weapon for his travels.

During his travels in Another World and encountering his father who is fat and wealthy and learns that money can't buy happiness and showing his thankfulness after Gogh gave him a new large piggy bank to replace his old one so that Van can earn more money. Although, Van gave him the seashell which is the memento of his wife causing him to remember the good memories with his wife. Upon meeting his dimensional counterpart, they had similar behavior for being sarcastic and telling him to do their best after the latter initially mistook him for being his identical twin brother.

His dimensional counterpart shares his sarcasm and strives to become a professional painter like his father would've been (and is in Home World). Van is seen disappointed whenever his father Gogh pays Van no attention due to his workaholic and greedy lifestyle.


When his mother died soon after he was born, Van was forced to grow up in poverty, he became sarcastic as his father struggled to sell his paintings. Van soon developed an awareness of the need for good income and maintained his own piggy bank. In his room, he also kept a jar of El Nido Blue, his father's original color, and a seashell associated with memories of his mother. Around the year 1020 A.D., he was nearly forced out of his home by the greedy landlord but managed to delay the proceedings by noting that he would soon go on a quest to find the Frozen Flame. These events were witnessed by Serge, who had come to the house moments earlier. Van then retired to his room to sulk; Serge told him that his party really was on a quest to find the Flame, and Van incredulously dismissed this. He still offered his services as a travel guide, to which Serge accepted. His father wished him well and gave him a boomerang for combat. While traveling with Serge, Van had the advent of meeting his father in Another World -- a fat, distant father. Van learned the importance of the statement "money can't buy happiness" in seeing Gogh. Despite this, Gogh gave him a large piggy bank to replace Van's old piggybank as a token of gratitude after learning that Van is able to earn and save money which he thanked him in return and he gives Gogh a seashell which is a memento of his wife. He also visited his dimensional counterpart who mistook him being his identical twin brother. The two then wished each other the best as well as telling him to keep up his work on painting while he himself will fight for the good cause. Van accompanied Serge to fight the Time Devourer and upon its defeat, Van had an emotional farewell with Serge and departed back to his Home World.



Visit Van's and his father's house in the north of Termina (Home World). Speak to them and say that you really are looking for the Frozen Flame.

Tech Skills[]



  • Learns PiggyBoink
  • Ability to attack all enemies at once with his Stamina attacks.


  • Generally Low Stats



Together with Van's name and his father's name spell Van Gogh, the name of a famous Dutch painter.


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