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Venus Bow (ヴィーナス Vīnasu?) is a weapon in Chrono Trigger (DS). It is Marle's best bow, with the always dependable 777 damage. It is obtained in the Antiquity Dimensional Vortex.


Two major conflicts arise when using this weapon. First, since the weapon's damage is locked at 777, critical hits are impossible to achieve. Second, status ailments, such as Confuse, force Marle to attack fellow party members and the maximum allotted Hit Points in the game being 999 leaves them vulnerable to knockouts. Equipping items such as Schala's Amulet or Vigilant's Hat can help prevent the latter, but nothing can be done to remedy the former save equipping a different weapon.


Venus, the Roman conversion of the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite, governs love, romance, and beauty. Numerologically speaking, seven is a number attributed to divinity; along the same vein, the number three, or numbers occurring in threes, could represent the Holy Trinity, furthering the idea that this weapon was named after a Goddess.

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