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Vera is a character in Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki. Haunting the Gear Room of Viper Manor, Vera appears as an innocuous and unnamed old woman. Clad in red rags, with a wicked wart on her nose, Vera is seen surrounded by bats, sporting a cane.

"The girl was an orphan. She set off to face Master Lynx all alone, hoping to avenge the girl who had cared for her like a big sister. But, after all, she was all alone. Outnumbered and overpowered, she was eventually defeated and captured by Master Lynx's henchmen...As an ally, Master Lynx can be quite an asset. However, as an enemy, he can be one of the most fearsome men alive."
— Vera


When approached, she comments that Kid's presence in the Manor is predictable yet oddly symmetrical with "fate". She claims that figures from Kid's past will re-emerge and test her will. For this reason, she seems hesitant to attack the party. In fact, should Serge acquire injuries in battle before entering the room, she will heal his wounds entirely, despite any skepticism from the other party members.

Gil comments that he senses a magical aura around Vera, and as if reading his thoughts, she announces that she is aware of Gil's "true identity". She even comments on his magical prowess and his ability to "slip into the shadows" unnoticed.

Discovering Lynx and the Frozen Flame in the Zeal Ruins beneath Viper Manor, Kid, and the others are prevented from stealing the gem and killing Lynx by Vera, who leads a small platoon of Porrean soldiers into the room. Vera asserts that she will acquire the Frozen Flame, return it to Porre, and take the Radical Dreamers thieving group into custody once and for all. Using dark magic, Gil transports his comrades into the Dark Forest. Kid and Serge share an intimate good-bye as the soldiers scour the forest with torches and weapons. Kid begs Serge to run, confident that the soldiers are seeking her and her brother, Gil, instead of him. This leads many to believe that the Porrean Soldiers, Vera included, are under the orders of Dalton.


  • In the Japanese translation of the game, Vera calls herself the "Magical Chancellor of Porre", although this never appears in English translations.
  • In Russian, the name "Vera" means "faith". In Latin, "Vera" means "truth".
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