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Volcano element.jpg
Type Magic
Color Red
Allocation Level 6±2
Target All Enemies
User Innate red only
Trappable Yes
Description Induces an enormous volcanic eruption. Inflicts Burns.

Volcano is a 6th-level Red Element from Chrono Cross. When cast, a volcanic crater emerges from underneath the enemies and erupts, spewing lava and causing very heavy damage to all enemies. May cause burns. Can only be equipped on Red Innate characters.

How to Obtain[]

Found in Home Fort Dragonia.

Trapped from Bunyip first form, Pyrotor, Tragedienne, Time Devourer, Tutanshaman (Fossil Valley, Another World, Red Field), Vita Unus (Sea of Eden), Vita Duo (Sea of Eden), Vita Tres (Sea of Eden), Dark Serge (Fort Dragonia), and Flea (Bend of Time).