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Quick and easy XP/battle points early in the game! (Because the boss fights are epic hard and long)

  1. When you start the game, make sure you keep Crono, Lucca, and Magus in your party at all times for the XP/AP/.
  2. When you arrive in the future, exit the dome/lab and head over to the western continent and head to the coliseum.
  3. Make sure Crono, Magnus, and Lucca have thier aoe elemental magic!
  4. Ask to fight in a TEAM battle under the HARDEST difficulty!
  5. You will fight 3 Nu's. The Nu's attacks have a chance to inflict a random damage type. The types are as follows: A) Current hp -1, in other words it leaves you with 1 hp. B) 1 Damage. C) 0 Damage.
  6. Heal when your hp is 1 while inflicting aoe magic damage.
  7. Revive dead characters.
  8. When you win your battle against the 3 Nu's, make sure you exit the colloseium or you will die if you choose to continiue!
  9. Repeat for great and easy xp/ap/battle points.

You can even use your battle points to buy the Rainbow sword for Crono and Dream gun, I think thats what its called, for Lucca for an extra fighting edge.

  • The stratagy above isn't game breaking because the game is still epic hard.