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Water is the third Tech learned by Frog, and his first magical Tech in Chrono Trigger. It is also an enemy tech. Frog learns Water from Spekkio at the End of Time. The earliest point at which he can learn Water is directly after reforging the Masamune and is extremely advisable, since Magus, the boss fought soon thereafter, has strong weaknesses to elemental magic. Water is the weaker version of Water II.


When cast, a huge bubble with a tiny bubble growing on the side, spawns from his open mouth and pops on a single target. Enemies such as the Blue Scout are immune to Water, will absorb its potential damage, and convert it into Hit Points.

Enemy Tech[]

Identical in animation and damage to Frog's technique, the enemy tech is first encountered when fighting Dondrago in the Abandoned Sewers of the Future. Secondly, Spekkio's Second Form and Third Form cast Water to damage party members, while attempting to win Magic Capsules at the End of Time. The third known enemy to use this technique is Heckran in Magic Cave, after visiting the End of Time for the first time.

Characters with innate Water-elements, such as Marle and Frog, receive half damage when Water is cast on them. Alternatively, wearing Blue Plates or Blue Vests will convert potential damage done by this tech into Hit Points.


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