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Marcy websurfer.png
Marcy uses WebSurfer
Type Magic
Color Blue
Allocation Level 7±7
Target All Opponents
User Marcy
Description Weave secret strings to cut out a wave of rocks.

WebSurfer is Marcy's seventh-level Blue tech in Chrono Cross. Collect 40 boss stars and Marcy applies her adeptness with string to cause damage to all opponents.


Jumping into the air, Marcy shoots several strings from her hands outward from the sides of her body. She then fires them at all targets, causing sheets of stone to buckle beneath them and rise upward in a blue-colored mist. These sheets then collapse, with the enemies teetering on top of them, causing them to be buried by the resulting rubble.

Name Origin[]

All of Marcy's techs involve a piece of string. In her tech, StringPhone, again the string motif appears. However, alongside that motif is a pun of a childhood game and technology. Again, a similar surfaces in WebSurfer, a pun of the World Wide Web is seen. Since the internet is a superior technology to the telephone, it makes sense that StringPhone is her fifth level tech and WebSurfer is her seventh level one.