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This article is about the tech. For other uses, see Slash (Disambiguation).
Wind Slash
Wind Slash
Learned By Crono
SNES/PS Name Slash
MP Cost 2
Element Type Light (Wind)
TP Req'd 90
Target Line of Enemies
Description Attack enemies in a line from Crono.
Wind Slash
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Used By Slash
Super Slash
Servant (Sword)
Element Type N/A
Target Characters in a line.
Description Attack a line of enemies with wind.

Wind Slash (also known as Slash in the SNES/PS version) is Crono's 2nd-level Tech in Chrono Trigger, and is also an enemy skill.


Crono brandishes his sword, and swings it along the ground, sending an air shockwave along a line of enemies. It strikes one main enemy (signified by the solid cursor) and enemies in a the line formed by it and Crono (signified by blinking cursors).

Enemy Tech[]

Slash, Super Slash, and Servant (Sword) can also use Wind Slash.


  • Although Wind Slash is a non-magical Tech, it performs Light elemental damage. This is due to the close association of Light with the classical element of Wind.