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The Wingapede is a boss fought in Chrono Cross. It can be called with the Beeba Flute and Ancient Fruit near the summit of Hydra Marshes. Upon calling it, it flies the party to Gaea's Navel. Should Serge not have a sample of Ancient Fruit, the summoned Wingapede, a massive flying centipede, engages the party in battle. When defeated, the floor of the calling pad crumbles, sending the party pummeling down into a secret room. In this room, Razzly is kept prisoner in a cage by the Pentapus.


Wingapedes come equipped with basic physical attacks, which allow them to soar up and dart into a single opponent. Accompanying this, Wingapedes sport two strong Green Elements, PoisonGas and AcidicGas. Once in the battle, this flying centipede will cast PoisonGas, attemping to whittle away the party's Hit Points through the move's Status Effect of Poison. AcidicGas is cast occasionally as a counter when the Wingapede is provoked by the party casting Elements on it. The Wingapedes moves do relatively low damage, so the fight should be fairly simply. Stock up on Antidotes before the battle.

Only engage in this battle if it is desired to recruit Razzly as a party member.


Wingapede is a portmanteau of "winged-centipede". Despite the name, it bears a closer resemblance to a dragonfly than a centipede.


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