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Witch Doctor is a character in Chrono Cross. Found in the hut east of the entrance to Marbule in Another World, it is assumed that the Witch Doctor serves as a medical professional and spiritual adviser to the Demi-humans inhabiting the eastern island.


The Witch Doctor appears as a tall, slender Demi-human with amphibian traits. With ultramarine skin, a wide, squat head, he has elvish ears. Two small tentacle-like appendages border both sides of his mouth. He wears a turquoise robe, with a red overgarment that extends to cover his shoulders and plummets to reach below where his navel ought to be. Atop his head, he wears a flat, red cap, and on his forehead, he wears a pink ornament reminiscent of Tilaka.


When approached by Serge on the island of Marbule, he advises them to make of their stay short, as the natives of the island despise humans. He also tells Serge an interesting tale of sea-faring adventurers scheduled to reach Marbule some 400 years in the past. Lucky for the inhabitants of the island, the ship met a terrible storm near the Sea of Eden, where it is rumored that an evil flame of the Gods resided and conjured the storm to protect itself from outsiders. The Witch Doctor prophesied that the ship sunk in the storm, but speculates that the adventurers may have survived and now reside in the Sea of Eden.

Name Origin[]

Witch Doctors are occultist leaders, spiritual advisers, and medical professionals in many aboriginal cultures, both past and present. Many Witch Doctors bear similar garb and mystical speak as present in the Demi-human Witch Doctor.

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