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X-Strike is a Double Tech in Chrono Trigger usable by Crono and Frog. X-Strike becomes available once Crono and Frog learn Cyclone and Slurp Slash, respectively. Although Frog is not officially recruited until after the Masamune is reforged by Melchior and the Hero's Badge is recovered from Tata, this tech can be learned as early as Crono's first visit to the Middle Ages.

In Chrono Cross, a Tech performed by Serge and Glenn exists with the name of X-Strike. quite similar in appearance to its Chrono Trigger counterpart, it is worth noting that Serge, like Crono, is a silent protagonist and Glenn is very similar to Frog. The two not only share the same name but the same spelling of that name, which is an atypical spelling for that name.


Readying their sword and katana, Frog and Crono run towards the target. Their weapons hits intersect perpendicularly to form a red X on the map. Interestingly, depending on the positioning of the enemy and the positioning of the users, the shape of X varies greatly in shape and slope. Sometimes it will cross perfectly down the center, forming an X on its side, while other times the X will be more crooked, more like a T than an X.

Enemy Tech[]

Masa and Mune perform X-Strike, when the party fights them on top of the Denadoro Mountains. It is also used by Lavos Cores, when the center Core is defeated, leaving only the left and right ones, counterattacking with this Double Tech when both Lavos Cores are attacked at the same time.


Fighting Yakra in Manolia Cathedral, Crono, Frog, and Lucca have few options for performing effective hits on the Fiend. Lucca's Flamethrower is all but useless, due to Yakra's high Magic Defense. Because of this, it is advisable to use X-Strike, while Lucca heals the party using Potions and Ethers.

In addition to the Boss battle against Yakra, when battling Flea in Fiendlord's Keep, it is also quite useful to perform X-Strike. Not only are Crono and Frog necessary party members for that boss battle, but the tech proves useful, as Flea also has a high resistance to Magic.


  • This Tech appears in the game's anime cinematic on the PlayStation, Nintendo DS, and Steam versions, where Crono and Frog use X-Strike against Zombor, despite the fact that in the game itself, Frog never fights Zombor on the Zenan Bridge.


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