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Zappa (ザッパ Zappa?) is the rough and tough father of Karsh and the chief blacksmith for the Acacia Dragoons in Chrono Cross.

"Aye... These auld bones have seen countless faces of the flame in mah lifetime... But with this un, ah cannae say ah've ever seen more pure and genuine hatred..."
— Zappa


Zappa is a rough and tough blacksmith which seems to be a trait inherited by his son Karsh, although his dimensional counterpart in Another World is seen more as a very loving husband to his wife Zippa. His desire to find the Rainbow Shell is precious to him and his reasons for joining Serge's group in finding it. If he was in Serge's party at the Dead Sea, Zappa finally shows his grief over the loss of his son Karsh who is among the others killed and frozen in the Dead Sea. Zappa continues to show vulnerability when encountering his dimensional counterpart in Termina in Another World and learns to forge using the Rainbow Shell once it is found. Zappa was seen, along with his wife Zippa, in high regard from Karsh (when he was in Serge's party) during his visit in Termina at Home World.


Born on the Zenan Mainland, he somehow made his way to El Nido and came into the service of the Dragoons. He was one of the Devas alongside Radius and Garai at some point; the three use to tear up the battlefield together. Zappa became interested in smithing at this time where he met Zippa, his to-be wife, and they looked far and wide for the Rainbow Shell, to no success. After retiring from the Dragoons, Zappa opened his own Smithy in Termina and raised his son Karsh there. He fashioned all kinds of weapons for use with the Acacia Dragoons; his son eventually became a Deva in the same tradition of his father. However, tragedy struck after Lynx led an expedition to the Dead Sea. Karsh was frozen and phased out of time, and never returned; this adversely affected Zappa, whose work was disrupted by bouts of sorrow and loss of motivation. Regardless, Zappa pressed on in his craft until 1020 A.D., when he finally shut down the smithy and dismissed his apprentice. He noted that he would seek the Rainbow Shell once more. He met Serge before his journey began, and decided to accompany the boy; along the way, he found his deceased son among the dead in the Dead Sea. If Karsh from Another World is in Serge's party during his visit in Termina at Home World, Zappa was relieved to see his son was alive as Karsh corrects them that he's from Another World and learns about his counterpart in Home World who died and froze in the Dead Sea. He gives his parents a high regard. He came to grips with his son's death, and also found the Rainbow Shell, which he learned to forge by working with his dimensional counterpart and using the Master Hammer. He planned to open a new smithy after the journey's end.

How to Join[]

Talk to Zappa in his smithy in Home World Termina. Zappa will have a short conversation with Radius if he's in your active party, but it's not required for him to join.


  • High Strength
  • High HP


  • Extremely Low Magic Power
  • Low Magic Defense
  • Slow Stamina Recovery
  • Small Element Grid

Tech Skills[]

Name Etymology[]

Zappa is likely named after the American Musician, Frank Zappa, who composed an album called "Hammersmith Odeon". The former describing Zappa's profession, and the latter detailing the Proper Noun of a Greek Smithy. Since the Greeks are famous for the Olympics and, yet again, the motif of the smithing appears, it is no wonder that his techs resemble Olympic events.


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