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This article is about the location. For other uses, see Zeal Palace (Disambiguation).
Zeal Palace
Zeal Palace.png
The Zeal Palace
Time Period 12000 BC
Notable Inhabitants Schala

Queen Zeal

Bosses Fought Dalton


Zeal Palace is a location in Chrono Trigger. Described by its attendants as the center of the universe, it is the seat of power for the Kingdom of Zeal. The highest building in Zeal, it appears to be the crown jewel of the continent from outside. Composed of a huge inner chamber where citizens congregate and delve in intrigue, Zeal Palace also contains a room to house the Mammon Machine, as well as quarters for Janus and Schala. At the head of the building is an elaborately constructed green throne. Dalton is usually present in this chamber as head of security. Several Nu occupy the palace to provide direction through its corridors.


When Crono first arrives at the structure, he encounters Masa & Mune, who ruminates on the activation of the Ocean Palace. Crono then finds Schala, who is hurried out of her room; her use of the Pendant is observed soon after. After charging up Marle's pendant, Crono faces off against Dalton and his Golems, only to be defeated and interred in a force field. The party is soon expelled from the palace, returning after acquiring the Epoch. The last glimpse of the edifice was had when Crono activated the Skyway leading to the Ocean Palace. Zeal Palace would soon turn to rubble due to the Ocean Palace Incident and sink below the sea.


  • In the Chrono Trigger Prerelease, a mysterious area called Zeal Dungeon was part of the palace. When the party confronts Queen Zeal and Dalton, she tells Dalton to throw the party in the "research room", which probably means the area they appear in in the finished version of the game (where they would have been suspended and freed by Schala and Janus).